Are you searching for a very special present?  Whether you are marking an important moment in life, celebrating a birthday or just looking for the perfect Christmas present, commissioning a bespoke painting could be exactly what you need.

I can paint anything, a house portrait, a favourite room, your beloved dog or someone’s much loved teddy bear.  Click on the pictures to see examples and details of some of the commissions that I have undertaken and please don’t hesitate to email me to discuss your commission.

Commissions undertaken In Watercolour, Oils, Charcoal, Pen and Ink.  Very small or quite large. Projects from letter headings to large murals.

An initial meeting with the client is always preferable but the entire process can be undertaken by email, working from your own photographs.

Framing can also be arranged.

Portrait commissions can be arranged with the subject of the portrait living anywhere in the world, I can do portrait sittings via SKYPE, a virtual visit to my studio while I make preliminary sketches and get to know the subject of the painting.  I can also visit you for sittings in your own home but that does include travel costs.  I can work from your photographs but a meeting with the subject, in person or via the internet, is preferable. 

Framing can be arranged at an additional cost.  Please email me if you would like to commission a portrait.

Here are some examples.  Click on the...

Paintings of gardens, big and small, both the gardens and the paintings.  I love gardens and gardening, my own slice of paradise.  Some of these paintings are long sold and some are available, enjoy a wander through the painted gardens, click on the images for more details and for a larger image.

A gift for you, a gift for someone else, a Christmas present, a wedding present, a thank you gift, birthdays, farewells and out of the blue, just because you can.

Screen-shots of some of the frames that I painted for the film Loving Vincent.  I spent five months in Poland working on the film and in that time I contributed 788 paintings out of a total of 65,000!  I was the only English artist out of 125 artists from all over the world.  A fantastic team.

The film is in UK cinemas from October 13 th 2017

find out more about it from the official website

Watch a BBC piece about it here

After working on the film Loving Vincent, immersed in the brushstrokes and colours of van Gogh, I really enjoy copying his work.   The larger paintings in this collection are almost life size, i.e, the size that he painted the originals, they are all created with plenty of impasto brush marks, so the texture of the paint really is highlighted and they look wonderful hanging on a wall.

Artlook brilliant software, inventory and website management for artists.

Wimperis Music my son the musician

Arhwithrans my son the surveyor

Blanning my son the artist

Jack Wimperis my twin brother the light artist

Wimperis Embroidery my niece the embroidery artist

Wimperis-studio my niece the artist

Gardens in Paint some of my garden paintings.

Sketchbooks browse my sketchbooks

Loving Vincent my involvement with this unique movie

Re-Imagined Rooms tiny places made about favorite paintings